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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Top Ten Things Heard Around the Everyday Office...

10- "Hey did you get that Email i sent you?" - this is said 3 minutes after the email has been sent.
9- "Ugh.. is it still snowing?!" - This is said when anyone enters the doors covered in snow.
8-" Do we get presidents day off? Nope."
7- (in passing...) "Ugh.. is it lunch time yet?"
6- "Hey I Left you a voicemail!"- this is followed up by telling the person every word you said in the voicemail.
5-“hey!! Boss isn’t here today”.. “uh oh… party!”
4-"Is your Internet working?"
3- "Hey Boss!"
2- "Did you get the memo?"
1-"must be a Monday"- this is followed by you punching that person.

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