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Monday, January 19, 2009

That's right NNY- You have an accent.

So, I was born and raised in Flowery Branch, GA, I moved to NNY (Carthage to be specific) when I was 13. Needless to say along with my books, clothes, and wishes of warmer weather came along, my southern accent. Now GA has a very sing song... Paula Deen accent. Which is what my beautiful mother sounds like to this day... and sometimes I miss it.

Of course 13 is a hard age for any kid, needless to say a kid in a new town with a funny accent. But here's what I noticed... YOU PEOPLE HAVE ACCENTS TOO! That's right... I'll never forget one day my friend, who has always lived in Upstate NY, said, "I don't understand the southern accent, I mean, don't they get that everyone else sounds the same and they don't" Well, I guess she didn't realize that the south isn't one tiny corner of our country.. most of us have some sort of regional accent, and since I spent my middle school days being picked on for my silly southern one, and I have witnessed many people talk to my mother, like she is stupid just because of her accent.. I am here to get my revenge! Listen up NNY.. because you (read in a southern accent..) DON'T TALK RIGHT EITHER!

1. Coyote (kahy-oh-tee)- Many Northern New Yorkers say this word with out the "e" sound at the end, look it up people.

2. Roof- dictionary key same- This is NOT pronounced RUF. That is the noise that comes out of a dogs mouth.. you do NOT need to shovel your RUF. You need to Shovel your ROOF!

3. Creek (kreek)- This word is pronounced just like its spelled. It is not pronounced.. CRICK. That is something you might get in your neck after sleeping wrong, or a sound the stairs make in an old house... NOT A BODY OF WATER. Just like meek, or reek, or geek. They all have the same vowel sound, you wouldn't say.. "your such a GIK" so why would you say.."i went down to the CRICK?!! please stop it.

4. SO DON'T I. This is often said when someone is agreeing with something that is being said "Oh Man I love www.podunkposh.com" ... "Oh really, SO DON'T I!!" um.. your negating what you are trying to say. What your really saying when you can't use proper grammar and say.. So Don't I, is "I don't". This may sound foreign to you, but I promise you'll catch it next time its said.

So these are just a FEW things that really get me. I'm not trying to be bitchy, but if you think that just because someone has a southern accent they are stupid, or must not be as up to date as you remember 2 things... 1- Chances are, you are not using proper grammar either, 2- Atlanta gave us Coca-Cola, and Waffle House.. therefore THE SOUTH WINS!

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MattRogers said...

Now I will disagree with your "creek" talk because I have developed a theory about this very discussion (partly because I am guilty of the act myself). Grammatically you are correct, it's pronounced like it sounds. But it is different in fishing dialect. In fishing language, when you are using "creek"
as a location you pronounce it "creeeeeeek." For example, "There are a lot of fish in Sandy 'Creek'." But when you are talking about being on the body of water, people use "crick" because it just sounds better. For example "I left the 'crick' to go and take a shit in the woods." Say that outloud and pronounce "creek" both ways..."crick" just sounds like the better choice. It's very complicated. Great blog, fantastic and right on the money!