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Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Resolutions

So I guess we should be making New Years Resolutions. So Here's my List.

1. Make a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup Fat/Calorie Free and have it taste exactly the same.

2. Change People's reactions to Kathy Griffin Swearing. I know she lives for it, but our societies reaction to a swear word has got to stop. This morning more than one major web site's headline has something to do with Kathy Griffin swearing at some NYC Partier on New Years Eve as she co-hosted events on CNN with Anderson Cooper. UM...WHO F*N CARES!! Last time I checked the middle east was still exploding, our weather is all messed up, people are still starving, people are still dying of AIDS and we look the other way... Kathy Griffin telling off some heckler is NOT a big deal. First of all, we know she's gonna do it, that's why CNN hired her, she makes me laugh and Anderson Cooper laugh, so why is it such a shock when she said it..AFTER MIDNIGHT.

Last I checked she was ringing in 2009 not 1909. Get Over it. People swear and show their ankles in public. I probably just blew some peoples mind with that tidbit.

3. Wear this hat everywhere because its awesome...

Happy New Year!

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