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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If Only Life Were This Simple

N: Uncle Travie, I saw my boyfriend today.

Travie: You can't have a boyfriend.  I'll beat him up.

N: Noooo....you can't do that.  He's going to be in my wedding.

Travie: Well what does he do for a job?

N: Ummm...he has a sandbox.

Monday, April 6, 2009


So back in my AIM days.. when I couldn't do anything without letting the world know what I was doing via My AIM away message or my "profile".... I used to make these long lists of things that I liked and didn't like. Pure statements of me just kind of trying to be funny and ironic, however, informative. So for some reason when I woke up this morning I thought of these list that I would do and decided to bring those back to life one more time. If anyone appreciates this it will be Devon Gillan and Matt Rogers, my two favorite people from college.

I like...
putting on jeans immediately after coming out of the dryer, Reese's, spaghetti with meat sauce, boys with tattoos, fiance's with beards, dogs named anakin, cats named Vader, mozzarella cheese, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Davey Havok (still), men's watches, fuchsia, walks, warm days, target's dollar section, boneless buffalo wings, big earrings, snuffalufagus, getting paid, notebooks, a good pen, house plants, painting a new room, my nephew, reading the UK Daily Mail, tetris, fun post-its, Dr. Pepper, Kristen Stewart, my wedding dress, baking, asian babies, bobby pins, zebras.

I don't' like...
snow, washing dishes, lotion, cream cheese, baby pink, Italian sausage, rude people, The Jonas Brothers, grant writing, math, push ups, pull ups (the exercise not the diaper thing), sweet pickles, wings that are too spicy, bbq pizza, 19 versions of CSI, bossy people, the guy who looks like Justin Timberlake (a little) on American Idol, cold feet, wet socks, Care Bears, people who don't respond quickly to my emails, Diet Pepsi, crushed red peppers, spam email, the lure of the lottery, how popcorn will aways get stuck somewhere in your teeth, losing touch, FYE, that I really liked Twilight, changing the clocks, hornets/wasps, Lady GaGa, feta cheese, flat hair.

Ironically My likes are a bit more mature.. my dislikes... pretty much exactly the same.

Your List?