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Friday, January 23, 2009

Peter Pan: Whoremaster?

Peter Pan was my first crush. And just to be clear, we're talking about the Disney cartoon, not the Julie Andrews version. I didn't realize this until I was watching it last night with my daughter. This was our Netflix this week because I have a problem. It's amazing how much of the movie I remember from childhood. There was not a single frame of that film that I couldn't recall from when I watched it forever ago when my brother and I were kids.

So why was Peter Pan my first crush? Because he is a BAD ASS! No one tells him what to do, he fights pirates all the time and he had an entire gang that do whatever he says. And then, there's the ladies...

Not only do all girls love a bad ass, all girls love a man (or boy, in this case) that is unavailable. And Peter Pan is unavailable not because he is in a relationship, but because he chooses not to be in a relationship (swoon). Just look at how pissed Tinkerbell got when Peter decided to take Wendy to Neverland! She's a fairy. How would that even work? And the Mermaids... They tried to drown Wendy when they found out that she was tagging along with their man. They honest to God wanted to kill her! What man wouldn't want this kind of power over women?

The thing is, does Peter Pan even know what kind of power he holds? When Wendy gets jealous over his flirtation with the Indian Princess Tigerlilly, Peter is able to talk his way out of it without even trying. I don't even think he really apologizes!

I guess some people would argue that Peter Pan appears to have no interest in women because he is gay. After all, what kind of whoremaster would wear tights? Whetever the case, my hat goes off to you, Peter. You have the ladies eating out of the palm of your hand. And this guy.

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