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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer, The Perfect Time to Buy Other People's Shit

Living in Northern NY we really have to pack in the summer experience. We really have only 3 months of the 12 to be outside and enjoy it before we are raped and pillaged by massive Lake Effect Snow Storms, and spend all our free time shoveling and snow blowing our pooped lined driveways. Poor dogs have no where else to go!

Anyhow... so one of my favorite past times is the yard sale Saturday. We have full weekends here were local "villages" will have a Village Wide Sale. We'll I work for public television, my pay checks aren't huge, so if I need a new toaster or some dirty romantic novels, I'll wait for the sales. I've got some really great deals so far, books, lamps, toaster, shelving, just to name a few, but what i really want to talk about and bring to your attention are a couple of the freaking weird things people are trying to sell! So as any normal person would do, I took out my cell phone and took a few pictures.

First of All, where does one acquire a metallic pink faceless dog, wearing a Santa Hat and who thinks that someone else would want it? I am really bummed that I didn't get a chance to go back there and see if someone bought it. I wonder what they were charging for it? Free with purchase I hope. Market it as a good discipline tool for kids. "If you keep acting up you little shit, Santa isn't coming... the Christmas crazy dog is!

I know that would keep me in line!


OK What the F! First of all, I understand if you are a collector, but usually collectors keep their stuff in good shape, and by good shape I MEAN WITH CLOTHES ON! There were literally boxes and boxes of these dolls, and what's with the lone Santa Suit? Creepy, dude, Creepy.

Oh right.. there's more.

Messed up!

Gotta Love Summer!