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Monday, July 26, 2010

Overselpt, but for a good reason.

So I like to think of myself as a total TV, Movie, Radio snob. I know what's good and what's trash. I go for indie films vs. big budget, I discovered Emo with Jimmy Eat World NOT Dashboard Confessional (which I dig, but they weren't first!) blah blah blah.

I am however a closeted soap opera fan. Well again I am a total snob and I only watch General Hospital. The rest are for losers. Last night it must have been in my subconscious because I had a dream, a very juicy awesome dream, that I was dating Dr. Patrick Drake. Who's Real name is Jason Thompson (my husband is also Jason... interesting) and he would look like this...

Oh that's Right Dr. Robin Scorpio, I am all over your man. Well in my dream.. but hey I'm not complaining. In the dream I couldn't find him and we were of course in some crisis situation, and someone, I don't know who had fixed the crisis situation, and we were all happy again. But I still couldn't find my man, Dr. Patrick Drake. Then lights shown down upon the earth and there he was fresh from the shower, shirtless with his hot tight jeans and wet tousled hair. He leaned down to kiss me... and what did I say?

"You know you're really tall".

What a loser. I legitimately overslept this morning, but the more I go over this dream in my head the more I totally see that I really had no other choice, I had to see this through.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So What if I took a year Off...

Sorry Internet, I have not been a loyal blogger. I have a good excuse! I am 8 months pregnant!! Hooray!

So to catch up, here's my description of my pregnancy thus far

Month 1-3: TIRED and Backache. Not hungry, pukey in the morning.
Month 4-7: Amazing. Tons of energy, not alot of weight gain, developed a small pregnant belly at around 7 months. Ate 392818030289 boxes of cereal and loved it!
Month 7-Now: Achy hips, preggo belly, still eating tons of cereal. Ready to have this kid!

And, its a girl, hooray again!

So as of today,I'm still working and actually today I had a really hilarious experience. I work at a PBS Affiliate, so today I took Clifford the Big Red Dog to our local Borders bookstore for Story Hour. The event went really well, accept when we had double the people we were expecting and ran out of free books, and parents got all pissy.. what the hell. THE EVENT WAS FREE! YOUR KID STILL GOT PENCILS AND BOOKMARKS AND STICKERS, stingy soccer mom.

Anyhoo... so everything was going well, I was walking Clifford back to the room so my costume wearer could get changed back into human, and this little super cute boy with corn rows said, in the most amazing 5 year old Tracy Morgan voice ever..

"PSHH...that's just a man in a suit"

Made my day.

Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm Sorry, But our First Lady is Better Looking than Your First Lady

When was the last time we had a first lady who looked like this?

If I were Mr. Obama I'd be looking at her like that too. I'm sorry, buy who do you want representing the women of our nation Michelle or a Bush? I'll take Michelle any day.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer, The Perfect Time to Buy Other People's Shit

Living in Northern NY we really have to pack in the summer experience. We really have only 3 months of the 12 to be outside and enjoy it before we are raped and pillaged by massive Lake Effect Snow Storms, and spend all our free time shoveling and snow blowing our pooped lined driveways. Poor dogs have no where else to go!

Anyhow... so one of my favorite past times is the yard sale Saturday. We have full weekends here were local "villages" will have a Village Wide Sale. We'll I work for public television, my pay checks aren't huge, so if I need a new toaster or some dirty romantic novels, I'll wait for the sales. I've got some really great deals so far, books, lamps, toaster, shelving, just to name a few, but what i really want to talk about and bring to your attention are a couple of the freaking weird things people are trying to sell! So as any normal person would do, I took out my cell phone and took a few pictures.

First of All, where does one acquire a metallic pink faceless dog, wearing a Santa Hat and who thinks that someone else would want it? I am really bummed that I didn't get a chance to go back there and see if someone bought it. I wonder what they were charging for it? Free with purchase I hope. Market it as a good discipline tool for kids. "If you keep acting up you little shit, Santa isn't coming... the Christmas crazy dog is!

I know that would keep me in line!


OK What the F! First of all, I understand if you are a collector, but usually collectors keep their stuff in good shape, and by good shape I MEAN WITH CLOTHES ON! There were literally boxes and boxes of these dolls, and what's with the lone Santa Suit? Creepy, dude, Creepy.

Oh right.. there's more.

Messed up!

Gotta Love Summer!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Guitar Hero: Obsesed

So my fiance is a HUGE Metallica fan. So when they released Guitar Hero:Metallica, he was first in line. Now, neither of us had played Guitar Hero before this... I know I know.. the most popular game ever or whatever. Blah Blah Blah.

We'll I'll sort of take that back because there was one really drunken night where I was lead singer for RockBand at a friends house. After about 8 Grey Goose and Ruby Red's I sounded AMAZING. I bet you 100 bucks you couldn't tell the difference between me or Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs... however thanks to cell phone technology I was able to record myself and was embarrassed for the next week. BUT WHATEVER THIS ISN'T ABOUT MY SINGING SKILLS.

So when fiance brought Guitar Hero home, I watched him play...enjoyed the music, and didn't think twice about it. I have never really been into video games, I let my little sister take care of that.. who by the way, can beat just about any song on expert, you can't even see her fingers...

So one day I'm sitting around bored, Fiance wasn't home... so I picked up the Guitar...

BEST GAME EVER! I can't stop playing it..its like heroine for someone who is too cheap and scared to actually use heroine. I love it. I am pretty too (even though its still on easy.. HEY THE METALLICA VERSION IS HARDER THAN THE OTHER PRISSY LEDGENS OF ROCK OR WHATEVER VERSIONS)

My eyes turn completely red after about 2 hours of not blinking and the other day I almost peed my pants because Metallica songs never end! Try playing Merciful Fate... Fiance calls it 12 minutes of Satan... maybe its because you eyes fall out of your head and arms fall off when you hit about 9 minutes.

So friends...if I don't answer my cell...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If Only Life Were This Simple

N: Uncle Travie, I saw my boyfriend today.

Travie: You can't have a boyfriend.  I'll beat him up.

N: Noooo....you can't do that.  He's going to be in my wedding.

Travie: Well what does he do for a job?

N: Ummm...he has a sandbox.