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Monday, January 12, 2009


Ok, so I am engaged, and I am not really one of those crazy girly girls who has had their wedding planned out for like years. There is no trapper keeper filled with Magazine cut outs if my 12 year old head on a wedding dress adorned body standing at an alter with Ryder Strong in his Boy Meets World Days. So when the fiance popped the question, I was all... I don't even know where to start. So I figure this is a great place to chronicle some of my experiences.. Rachel has her awesome kids to write about... (does that make her a mommy blogger?) And so I guess, I have my wedding to write about, both of which makes us experts and you should take every word we have to say ...VERY SERIOUSLY.

So my first thought, living in a very rural area...I WILL NOT GET MARRIED IN A FIRE HALL. Now, thank god that is not the case. I wanna plan something fairly simple yet... posh. So to get some guidance Ihave now attended 2 wedding shows. One here in Watertown and one in Syracuse.

The one in Watertown I think was as to be expected, a good show, a little small. But they had one of everything at least, jewelers, DJ's, Photographers, cake people, florist, make-up, dress/tux shops.. ect. I got what I needed out of a few good ideas..

Now the one is Syracuse...which isn't NYC but a much bigger place than Watertown, WAS A JOKE. No jewelers, I think I saw one cake person, ONLY ONE DRESS SHOP!!, and lots of photographers, DJ's and reception places. There was a fashion show on the hour which was cute and they guys came out and performed little choreographed dances and the old ladies whooped it up because, lets be honest, that's the most excitement you're getting from men in this area. But I'm paying for parking, paying to get into the show, and you only have 1 dress shop! What is the point? The no jeweler thing kills me, even if I were eloping, I'd be buying jewelry.. umm.. Rings! I even think you talk about rings in at your ceremony.. you know..with this ring.. blahblah blah..not with this awesome gourmet company I the wedd.. I was a bit disappointed for how promoted it was! And the vendors ...they had a ton of Photogs, and reception halls i have both.. http://www.jbassphoto.com/ check out my photographer.. AMAZING!

* side note I won him in a silent auction... such a money saver!

Rachel will be doing my invitations, so the few things I really needed help with they didn't' have.. so hopefully I will be able to log my experiences here and have a very posh wedding in a very podunk place!

Thank God, one of my awesome bridesmaids went with me.. we also stopped and tried on bridesmaid dresses!

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