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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Fiance's Obession...

So not having kids yet ourselves, Fiance and I have a killer Cat and a dog, Vader and Anakin. That's right.. Star Wars. Get Over it. These are our babies, we are very good pet owners and we, especially over sensitive Fiance, notice when things are wrong and take action very quickly.

Recently we had to take the dog Anakin to the vet because he was violently throwing up and not eating anything. So the vet, Dr. Hetzner of Lowville Countryside Vet Clinic who was awesome, discoverers that there is something blocking his GI Tack and he had to go in and see what the blockage was, long story short it was a piece of a Busy Buddy toy we had bought him months ago AT THE VET when he blew his knee cap out... i know i know.. if he was an actual kid they'd have called social services on us by now.

So the day after he had surgery we went to visit him in doggy hospital. Now they had shaved his whole underbelly including his :: ahem:: doggy boy parts. The first thing Fiance says when we go see our boy is..."His penis looks smaller". The vet tech didn't even know what to say..I just looked at him and he keep saying it!
"what! it does, his penis looks smaller"
I had to reassure him that he hadn't eaten in over a week and he had lost weight, so the combination of the shaving and the loose skin is creating the illusion of a small unit, and our boy was still as manly as he was before the surgery.
Fiance let it go for a while, and this morning, Anakin was stretching out on his back, a good sign of recovery, and of course with the shaved underbelly his doggy man parts were in full force on display. Instead of being excited he could again get into that position even with staples in his abdomen Fiance notices what he thinks are two lumps by the dog bits and with force looks at me and says " You have to call the vet and tell him he has two lumps by his penis, that's why he's licking it, what if its blood clots, OH SHIT!"
Remember, I love this man, and usually he's pretty spot on noticing things others might disregard, but this was too much.

So he spent the next 5 minutes looking at it and making sure things were OK. I had to tell him, he's licking it because he's a dog, they live to lick themselves then lick your face, he's fine.
Fiance finally conceded but not first with out saying, "Fine, but keep an eye on it"

Um.. can you imagine calling the vet to say "Yeah, hi, there's something wrong with my dogs penis."

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