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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

....But YOU'RE the one who has to wear it FOREVER!

So, just in case you have never gone shopping for a wedding band let me start by saying .. its truly a fun and heartwarming experience. To buy something that symbolizes something so monumental in our lives yet, such a sweet and ancient message.

Did you know what the ancient Greeks started wearing rings on the 4th finger of the left hand because it was supposed to be a direct line to your heart?

Fiance and I recently purchased our rings, and I love them. It's amazing how men are such different creatures sometimes... Here's how buying his ring went..

"Baby, you need to tell me what kind of ring you want"

"one that fits on my finger... oh and is black."

"That's it, that's all the requirements?

"Yep, I'll wear whatever you like best"

"So I'll Pick it out and You will Wear it FOREVER"

..fiance makes a pucking noise because he's a romantic...



But me however, it needed to match my engagement ring, and be pretty on its own. Now my engagement ring isn't very traditional so it was so hard for find one that didn't' get lost next to it. So the ring we bought for Fiance, which in the stores was anywhere from 200-400 bucks I found the same brand and design on Overstock.com for $70, and the ring we bought for me, of course I had to go back to the store like 6 times, and try on rings at every other jewelry store first, and take pictures of it on my cell phone and send it to friends to see what they thought...Now we have them and they do not match, do not look traditional in any sense of the word.. but we love them, and I love that we bought mine on Valentines day 5 minutes before the store closed. The clerk asked me if i wanted to wear it out of the store.. truth is YES I DID!! Why wouldn't I.. diamonds are kinda fun.. but there is also something exciting in knowing that this piece of jewelry is much more than a good deal or a perfect fit.. its a very serious commitment that in 7 months I will be making, and I can't wait!

** Note, mine is much shinier in person!**

**Next to the engagment ring**

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