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Friday, March 20, 2009

The True Love of My Life.

So for anyone who knows me really well, they'll tell you that I am a pop culture buff, nerd, TV marathon watcher... loser. Ask me almost anything about TV or Music since 1983 and I can probably give you the answer. And considering I have an associates degree and Bachelors in TELEVISION I can go way before my time and pull facts out of no where.. its sad really that i am $40,000 in debt and all I can tell you is that Monica from Friends was the first character to mention her period on TV and that the first sound to be receive wirelessly was "S" in Morse code (this tidbit thanks to Mr. Kal Socolof of Herkimer CCC.) I am the wikipedia of my friends and family. My sister will call me to ask some randome question about What was the job of Uncle Jesse's wife Rebecca on Full House, it never fails, after I give her the answer with out missing a beat.. "Duh, Danny Tanner's Co-Anchor", that do I realize that I am on speaker phone and a room full of people explode with "oh man.. I TOLD YOU DUDE!"

Now, You Tube didn't' happen yesterday or anything but shit man can I waste some time there. I think I am in head over heals slap you on the ass in love with it. I love that if I want to reminisce about my childhood and watch a full episode of Kids Incorporated.. I can. It's comforting to know that its ok that I had a crush on a cartoon and If i want to watch a 4min 24 second clip of Daria just to see Trent I can! Endless possibilities. How can you resist reliving your favorite moments of Saved By the Bell, you know the episode when Jesse gets hooked on caffeine pills and sings "I'm so excited" over and over.. until Zack confronts her or if you get in an argument with your fiance about what as the Second Video ever Played on MTV and everyone knows that the first was "Video Killed the Radio Star.. the answer, "You Better Run" By Pat Benetar is only one search away. When I was in high school and college those VH1 clip shows were really popular.. and still are a bit... and my dream job was to be an editor for them and just sit and go through hours and hours of footage. Now, can make my own clip show of Rider Strong from Boy Meets World and Old Cheri Oteri SNL clips.

I kind of hate that my kids or anyone else ever for that matter, won't have the experience of getting to relieve your favorite show from your childhood 15 years later, because now all you have to do is wait 10 minutes after the episode has aired and BAM.. there it is on the web some where. Hopefully my kids will want to go outside and play while mommy sits in side and laughs her ass off at a clip of Steve Erkel Shrieking..."Did I do That..."

Alas.. I'll leave you with Possibly my favorite childhood memory...

They really don't make kids shows this awesome anymore.

I love You, You Tube.

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