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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Top Ten Holiday Habits

10- Red and Green M&M's. Its not Christmas without a bowl of those delicious treats on a side table.

9- Be amazed by the traffic on your way to the mall. Even though it happens every year at some point you or someone you know always says.."Man, can you believe the traffic up to the mall? It's so crazy."

8- Question if we will have a white Christmas. Umm... we live in Northern New York, I'm putting my money on snow.

7-Ask a co-worker if they've ever seen ".... that movie where the kid wants the BB Gun and they keep telling him he'll shoot is eye out... what's that called.?" ITS CALLED A CHRISTMAS STORY YOU IDIOT, ITS BEEN ON TV SINCE 1987 EVERY YEAR IN 24 HOUR INSTALMENTS. And yes, they've seen it and they love it.

6- Secret Santa. This is a tradition that sounds fun, but you ultimately just end up buying a $10 gift card to Dunkin Donuts or Bath and Body Works... lets give this one up shall we.

5- Office Christmas party. Now this one is either a dreaded event or one you can't wait for! As a part time bar tender who has worked many a Christmas party, I've seen both. Let me tell you, being the one who is playing "Pour Some Sugar on Me" By Def Leopard and begging people to do shots of SOCO and Lime with you...sounds fun... but I don't even want to think of the looks they get on the office on Monday. However, from the Bartenders POV... its awesome. Especially if it was some douche I went to high school with.

4- Declare that you have spent way to much this year. We all did captain obvious.

3- Begging your mom to open just one present before Christmas. Yes, even when you are a grown woman.

2- Christmas apparel. This is when the middle aged women really start showing their true age. When you show up with a snowman, reindeer, Santa or candy canes on your knitted sweater, you might as well have 'Hey Guys I'm 44!" Crocheted onto the back like a last name and number on a Football Jersey.

1- Hug your Family. This is a good one that does not warrant a joke!

Merry Christmas from Podunk Posh!

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