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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So What if I took a year Off...

Sorry Internet, I have not been a loyal blogger. I have a good excuse! I am 8 months pregnant!! Hooray!

So to catch up, here's my description of my pregnancy thus far

Month 1-3: TIRED and Backache. Not hungry, pukey in the morning.
Month 4-7: Amazing. Tons of energy, not alot of weight gain, developed a small pregnant belly at around 7 months. Ate 392818030289 boxes of cereal and loved it!
Month 7-Now: Achy hips, preggo belly, still eating tons of cereal. Ready to have this kid!

And, its a girl, hooray again!

So as of today,I'm still working and actually today I had a really hilarious experience. I work at a PBS Affiliate, so today I took Clifford the Big Red Dog to our local Borders bookstore for Story Hour. The event went really well, accept when we had double the people we were expecting and ran out of free books, and parents got all pissy.. what the hell. THE EVENT WAS FREE! YOUR KID STILL GOT PENCILS AND BOOKMARKS AND STICKERS, stingy soccer mom.

Anyhoo... so everything was going well, I was walking Clifford back to the room so my costume wearer could get changed back into human, and this little super cute boy with corn rows said, in the most amazing 5 year old Tracy Morgan voice ever..

"PSHH...that's just a man in a suit"

Made my day.

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